April 11th, 2014 , last edited April 11th, 2014

Sometimes the world seems so small. I am never sure how people come to know of my work, and for some reason I seem to lack the gumption to ask, especially when it involves an invitation to participate in a show or zine. It seems like asking “how do you even know who I am?” would somehow point out that I am not really anyone, or anyone worth inviting in to a show or a zine to begin with. I understand that I have done well as of late, and that my images have a pretty far reach online, but still – when someone removed from what I perceive to be my normal fan base contacts me, I am always taken aback. That would be the case with respect to the recent invite by Jessa Crispin to participate in Spolia – which is a monthly literary magazine “devoted to the strange and the wise”.



For those that do not know… Jessa Crispin is a publishing outsider, critic, and editor-in-chief of Bookslut, a litblog and webzine founded in 2002. Bookslut has received mentions in many national and international newspapers, including the New York Times Book Review and Washington Post.  Crispin also had a regular column called "Bookslut" in the online cultural journal The Smart Set (published by Drexel University), was a book critic for NPR, and a contributor to PBS's Need to Know. She has also written for the Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times and Toronto Globe and Mail.  So yeah, I am really curious to know how she stumbled across my work! Nonetheless, I am thankful for the invite to participate in Spolia (issue 8). The publication is a mixture of art, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry and is really fantastic. If you would like a copy of the issue in which my work is featured simply use the following link –

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