August 30th, 2014 , last edited August 30th, 2014

Earlier this year an art enthusiast and zine publisher from Argentina named Ezequiel Gonzalez contacted me and invited me to participate in the 12th issue of DOUX Magazine.  I looked at past issues of DOUX online and found them to showcase a nice mix of art, design, photography, and illustration. As the zine is entirely self produced and published – it also revolves exclusively around the broad and eclectic taste of its creator. Nonetheless, I found it flattering (and once again, unexpected and interesting) to be asked, and agreed to provide images and participate in a brief interview. I was later pleased to learn that one of my images would also be featured on the cover of the issue.


If you are interested a closer look at DOUX Magazine #12  it can be viewed here:


More information about DOUX Magazine (in general) can also be found here:


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